My love for music comes from home where also began the journey of my musical studies. I play various folkloric instruments but voice nevertheless is unexceptionally my favorite instrument. Thanks to its numerous different sounds and nuances I have discovered it to be the best way to express myself. Voice alone is capable of carrying messages like music and language does. World of the sounds is universal – it influences us more than we could ever imagine. Music has an ability to repair as well as destroy.

Triinu 2015My childhood home is located in South-Estonia, Mulgimaa, in the middle of forests. The values and a view of life that I’ve received from growing up in the countryside have leaded me through my whole life, every day, and these influences also reflect in my songs. My family has been involved with music for many generations so my first steps in music are made in a very early age when under the directions of my father I learned how to play bagpipe and sang in our family ensemble. My great-grandfather was a zitherist and also a craftsman who made them. My grandfather leaded several folkmusic ensembles, wrote songs, made violins, played accordeon and bagpipe. Similarly to him also my father is a multi-instrumentalist and for a long time he was the only craftsman of bagpipes in Estonia. Today the knowledge is passed on to the oldest son.

More serious studies with singing started in a local pop-singing studio, continued with classical singing in Heino Eller Music School in Tartu and in 2011 I graduated in folkloric singing from Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. The years in university have opened various new worlds for me that have influenced me and my creation. I’m inspired by the meditativeness of a thousand years old runic song and its profound world of images, shamanism, Saami joik, Tuvan throat singing, Bulgarian, Japanese and Indian folksongs. Besides that I have also been influenced by classical, pop and jazz music. As a musician I have been active in various musical genres from pop music, progressive rock to my roots.

My songs are coming from nature, from the essence of a human being and from what we do not perceive with senses.  My music is what am I. My songs and myself are changing through life.